Living in Europe


Travelers’ top destinations for shopping vote Europe. Range from big cities like Paris and London or Rome to countryside regions like Provence and the Amalfi Coast there is everything to buy. Whether you’re looking for famous food markets, high-fashion clothing boutiques, or classic antique shops, Europe’s best shopping destinations have something for browsers and shopaholics alike—from a perfect souvenir to a major purchase to remember your trip forever.

Best Soccer Teams in the World

European Soccer is undoubtedly number one worldwide. Even when the football leagues are on their summer breaks you can still practice sport tourism by visiting your favorite stadiums so we’ve compiled a handy list of Europe’s most popular football teams that offer tours of their installations year-round. Enjoy Chelsea F.C., FC Barcelona, Real Madrid C.F., Arsenal F.C., FC Bayern Munich, Manchester United F.C., Borussia Dortmund, Liverpool F.C., FC Porto and Milan AC.

European Culture

Throughout the world Europe has a longstanding reputation as a center of high art and culture. With beautiful architecture, masterpieces, literature and music, it’s abundant with artistic achievements from centuries past.